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Version 0.1 released

So after a few months of development I'm happy to announce the first release of Serviio. The feature set of this version is mainly based on what I personally need for streaming of media to my Samsung TV (the software provided by Samsung is not very good ;-) ). I have also implemented limited support for XBox 360 (images & video, audio will be in a next release).

Currently I have no idea how well it will work with other DLNA / UPnP devices - I basically implemented the DLNA spec but some manufacturers might have a specific protocol enhancements. It would be great if you can try it out with your DLNA device and let me know in the Forum how it goes. I will try to implement more renderer profiles if I get the information from you guys.

Also no transcoding is supported yet, I'm thinking about it and will implement it for a future release if there is enough demand.

That's it for now, happy streaming.