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Media Streaming Server

Version 0.6 released

 It was a long time but the latest version of your favourite DLNA server is finally here. This release brings a lot of new features, most notably the possibility to stream content from online sources (no live streams yet). Just add a URL to a media feed and in a few moments you will be able to watch your favourite content.

There is a new plugin system as well. Some online sources need a non-trivial logic to retrieve its content, that's where plugins come in play. All you need to do is copy required plugin into Serviio's installation folder and you are ready to go. I have written a few and will continue doing so, but I'm also encouraging the community to take part.

Appart from that, there are a lot of fixes, performance improvements, increased device compatibility and other goodies, hopefully making this release the best so far.

My huge thanks go as usual to the beta testers, guys who help me at the forums or contributed with translations.

The next version, 0.6.1 will focus mostly on enhancing the online functionality in terms of optimization, CPU usage and hopefully support of live online streams. 


ServiioWHS - Windows Home Server add-in

Paul York has written a WHS add-in that enables you to control Serviio running on your WHS from within the WHS console rather than having to use Serviio console in Remote Desktop mode.

If you are a WHS owner head over to for more details.

Version 0.5.2 released

 This release was not originally planned, but because there was a problem with transcoding MKV files with AAC audio I decided to make this patch release. It fixes few more defects as well and I also put in some new features to make it worth upgrading :-)

There is now a much tighter intergation with Samsung C/D series devices - bookmarks (resume) should now work more reliably, subtitles menu is now available and selecting Video/Audio/Images in the TV's menu will take you straight to the appropriate Serviio's browsing category (this is not supported on BD players).

There is also added support for video thumbnails on XBox 360 - it just makes it so much nicer browsing experience.

Now I can finally focus on 0.6, which will bring online content streaming.

As always, thanks to the beta testers who participated on this release and to translation authors.

Stay tuned.

Sony UK recommends Serviio

 Serviio is now officially recommended DLNA server for Sony devices by Sony UK in their How to... use your BRAVIA or Sony Blu-ray player to view digital media via DLNA video. This is a great achievement and thanks go to all who got involved in making profiles for the Sony devices.

Version 0.5.1 released

 Hi all Serviio fans. The latest greatest 0.5.1 is now out and it means you can enjoy even more media formats on your telly. 

This release was mainly focused around audio files transcoding, so you should now be able to play your FLAC, OGG, m4a files without losing quality. Audio transcoding has been set up with the most common profiles, please contribute your settings on the forum.

Other improvements in this release include more settings to transcoding configuration, 'resume playback' functionality for Samsung C series devices and quite a few bug fixes. The whole list is here: Release Notes - 0.5.1

My thanks go, as always, to the betatesters who took part in this release, people who contributed translations and the guys who help me help you on the forums. Keep it up!