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Set up content protection rules

This feature is only available in Pro edition.

This feature gives you the ability to tune access to your shared content. It might be useful when you need to enable only certain shared folders or online resources to be available on certain devices (e.g. only share cartoon videos to the XBox in kids' room). To accomplish this, Serviio has a concept of Access Groups.

Access Groups

Currently there are two built-in Access Groups in Serviio:

  • No Restriction
  • Limited Access
All new renderer devices on the network will be automatically assigned to your preferred Access Group. All shared folders and online resources will, by default, belong to No Restriction group. That mean that all your content is by default available to all devices on your network.

You can assign one Access Group to each device, by editing the device in the Console and selecting the appropriate group.

Assigning Renderer to Access Group

You can assign shared folders and online resources to one or more Access Groups, by editing the folder/online resource in the Console and selecting the appropriate group(s). The No Restriction group will always be selected.

Assigning Shared Folder to Access Group

When browsing for content, Serviio checks the Access Group of the renderer and only serves content that is assigned to the same Access Group.


In the case of restricting XBox in the kids' room to only serve content from c:/My Videos/Cartoons folder you have to:

  1. Assign the XBox to Limited Access group (at this point the device doesn't have access to any content you share)
  2. Place c:/My Videos/Cartoons shared folder to Limited Access group (at this point the XBox as well as all other No Restriction devices have access to this folder)