Serviio - free DLNA media server for Windows, Mac and Linux

Media Streaming Server

Release Notes - 1.4.1

  • MediaBrowser player window now displays the context of the playlist items; ticket #745 (Pro only)
  • MediaBrowser playlist is scrollable using arrow keys; ticket #752 (Pro only)
  • added a profile for Toshiba REGZA 2012-
  • updated iOS profile to transcode less files (requires iPad2 at least); ticket #753
  • new XBMC-style thumbnail naming is now supported (filename-thumb.jpg, filename-poster.jpg); ticket #758
  • if album artist is missing, use artist value instead; ticket #747
  • license checking thread now runs once a day not to wake NASes too often; ticket #739
  • added support for MySql queries; ticket #750
  • added MediaFormatProfiles for video files with DTS and DTS-HD audio
  • added support for transcoding DTS-HD MA audio; ticket #710
  • added profile for Roku
  • updated profiles for Viera devices; ticket #765
  • added profile for Sony BDP 2013 models
  • fixed the FlowPlayer logo occasionally appearing in MediaBrowser (Pro only)
  • fixed random MediaBrowser bugs (incl. playback in Firefox); ticket #737 (Pro only)
  • fixed the Play All button for Images in MediaBrowser (Pro only)
  • fixed year and rating not being updated in the MediaBrowser player window after a new item has been selected in the queue (Pro only)
  • fixed passing email-address-like credentials via feed URL
  • fixed 500 error in MediaBrowser when a different error message is expected; ticket #742
  • fixed parsing of WPL playlists with unsupported BOM
  • search index for online feeds is now updated also for cached items; ticket #744
  • fixed browsing error for see-through categories; ticket #756
  • added code that deals with invalid XML from Swisscenter; ticket #754
  • fixed adding tracks to albums when the album name or the artist name is very long; ticket #755
  • fixed detecting default embedded subtitles track; ticket #763
  • ignores invalid DISCNUMBER audio metadata values; ticket #767