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Media Streaming Server

Release Notes - 1.4

  • a totally new MediaBrowser (Pro only)
  • CDS /browse method now includes ETag header indicating if the response can be cached by the clients; ticket #714 (Pro only)
  • subtitles character encoding setting is now used also when converting softsubs
  • metadata flag (M) for shared folders now affects all types of descriptive metadata, not just online
  • added support for transcoding 4-2-2 pixel format videos for playback on older player which only support 4-2-0; ticket #671, #709
  • loggs stack trace when a plugin fails; ticket #728
  • added support for some rare files to Sony BDP profiles; ticket #725
  • extended caching online items for WebResource plugins to items that don't expire immediately
  • added presentation category for MPAA movie rating; ticket #380
  • added profile for Telenet Yelo TV
  • added getOnlineFeedExpiryInterval() shared method for the plugins; ticket #735
  • CDS search mechanism changed to give more accurate results; ticket #696
  • added profile for Xbox One
  • added profile for Sony 2013 TVs; ticket #724
  • split Samsung C/D/E/F profile to C/D and E/F for more reliable support of online content on E/F series
  • fixed retrieving thumbnails from ogg files
  • fixed M3U8 manifest being cut off when the file has been transcoded fully (http1.1)
  • fixed burned-in subtitles with apostrophy in filename for OSX/Linux
  • fixed creation of thumbnails for images that need to be rotated
  • added automatic image rotation to PS3 profile
  • fixed duplicate renderer registering caused by some routers
  • fixed FlowPlayer logo appearing in MediaBrowser in certain configurations
  • added support for video thumbnails on Samsung F series
  • removed using user-agent in FFmpeg commands if the protocol is not http(s); ticket #708
  • updated stream URL validation, to allow multiple # characters; ticket #715
  • fixed caching WebResource items when they are not valid; ticket #726