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Media Streaming Server

Version 0.6 released

 It was a long time but the latest version of your favourite DLNA server is finally here. This release brings a lot of new features, most notably the possibility to stream content from online sources (no live streams yet). Just add a URL to a media feed and in a few moments you will be able to watch your favourite content.

There is a new plugin system as well. Some online sources need a non-trivial logic to retrieve its content, that's where plugins come in play. All you need to do is copy required plugin into Serviio's installation folder and you are ready to go. I have written a few and will continue doing so, but I'm also encouraging the community to take part.

Appart from that, there are a lot of fixes, performance improvements, increased device compatibility and other goodies, hopefully making this release the best so far.

My huge thanks go as usual to the beta testers, guys who help me at the forums or contributed with translations.

The next version, 0.6.1 will focus mostly on enhancing the online functionality in terms of optimization, CPU usage and hopefully support of live online streams.