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Version 0.4.2 released

 I'm happy to announce that a new minor release of Serviio is out. This one is mostly focused on bug fixing, although there are a few new features as well. Full release notes are here.

Most notably, I dumped Corba and the server now talks with the console using RESTful web services. It should enable porting Serviio to embedded systems, NASes, etc. that don't have a full desktop Java available. For those using the console remotely, please note the configuration changed a bit.

Another feature that a lot of people were asking for is subtitle support for Samsung C series devices - thanks to kairoh for helping me out. There are also new profiles for Sony Bravias and Sony BDP players.

Hope you'll be having fun with this new version and as always, big thanks to all the beta testers. 

See you at the forum.