Serviio - free DLNA media server for Windows, Mac and Linux

Media Streaming Server

Supported system properties

Serviio includes a set of system properties that will enable you to further configure the system. For a help on how to add or change values of these properties, read F.A.Q.

Properties for Serviio (server)

  • serviio.home - path to Serviio installation location
  • ffmpeg.location - path of FFmpeg executable
  • dcraw.location - path of dcraw executable
  • plugins.location - path to a location that included 'plugins' folder (repository for online plugin files, by default it's ${serviio.home}/plugin)
  • plugins.check - if set to 'false', Serviio will not perform continuous checks for new or updated plugin files
  • derby.system.home - path to the library database root folder (by default it's ${serviio.home}/library)
  • serviio.boundAddr - bound IP address for the UPnP communication (has priority to whatever is set in the console)
  • serviio.remoteHost - forced IP address of where to bind the REST server (for remote console)
  • dbURL - URL of the Serviio database (by default it uses ${derby.system.home} )
  • serviio.socketBuffer - size of network socket buffer (bytes)
  • serviio.advertisementDuration - UPnP device advertisement interval (in seconds, default is 180)
  • serviio.defaultTranscodeFolder - default transcoding folder (can be changed in the console later); must exist otherwise we revert to the user's temp folder
  • serviio.fixedPointEncoders - if present Serviio will use optimized fixed-point FFmpeg encoders (where possible); useful for less powerful systems
  • serviio.onlineContentTimeout - number of seconds to wait for online content to respond to media requests; default is 60
  • serviio.useNetworkTOS - if set to 'true', Serviio will use TOS bits during network communication, which should improve network performance for some network cards / drivers / operating systems
  • serviio.cdsAnonymousAccess - if set to 'true', applications using Serviio CDS API (incl. MediaBrowser) will not require user authentication; default is 'false'
  • serviio.libraryPollerFrequency - defines the frequency [minutes] of polling cycles when a POLLER mechanism is used for the shared folder scanning; defaults to 1 minute
  • serviio.useQSVAcceleration - when present, Serviio will try to use Intel QSV HW acceleration if the used FFmpeg bundles it
  • serviio.useNVidiaAcceleration - when present, Serviio will try to use Nvidia HW acceleration if the used FFmpeg bundles it
  • serviio.hdThumbnailResolution - specifies the dimension (width in pixels) to be used for HD thumbnails; defaults to 320
  • serviio.cdsHttpPort - port number to use for the CDS API (incl. MediaBrowser); defaults to 23424
  • serviio.cdsHttpsPort - port number to use for the secure (SSL) CDS API (incl. MediaBrowser); defaults to 23524