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Media Streaming Server

Release Notes - 2.3

  • enable changing HD cover art resolution in the console; ticket #1100
  • deal with series that have the same name but different release year as separate entities; ticket #1164
  • option to show series release year in the title
  • use new API for
  • fixed IMDB identifiers with 8 characters; ticket #1177
  • fixed adding persons with initials consisting of some special characters; ticket #1165
  • fixed adding to the library being stuck if there is no access to a file; ticket #1162
  • fixed video resume not working when a device is assigned to a user; ticket #1180
  • enable installation for Qnap QTS above 5.0.0; ticket #1182
  • updated JAudioTagger to 3.0.1
  • updated Java to 8u352