Serviio - free DLNA media server for Windows, Mac and Linux

Media Streaming Server

Release Notes - 0.4.1

  • added caching of library information for faster browsing experience; issue #86
  • added profile for Samsung C-series devices
  • added support for MJPEG video codec; issue #120
  • added support for MPEG4 Microsoft variant (or DIV3); issue #117
  • added possibility of not limiting image resolution to 4096x4096 if device supports it; issue #121
  • added tool tip on shared folder name in console to enable distinguishing long entries; issue #122
  • added subtitles support for LG BD players; issue #124
  • added possibility to disable generation of thumbnails for local video files; issue #90
  • added possiblity to turn off online metadata extraction for some folders; issue #114
  • added option to select either Server, Console or both for Windows Installation; issue #47


  • fixed remote console startup
  • fixed storing music albums with long titles; issue #110
  • fixed console in a case when system tray is not supported by the OS; issue #109
  • bundled FFmpeg now works on OSX 10.5
  • fixed storing corrupted fps value of some files; issue #112
  • better management of metadata for files copied from DVD (Video_TS, VTS_, etc)
  • thumbnail extraction is now avoided for unrecognized file to save CPU; issue #125
  • fixed support for files with names including non-latin characters; issue #123
  • fixed video playback stuttering (high CPU usage during playback)


  • updated Apache Derby to version